Bus Stop Inventory and ADA Accessibility

KFH Group is the nation’s leader in bus stop assessments. We have inventoried and performed ADA assessments of well over 25,000 bus stops for over 20 transit agencies in Arkansas, Idaho, Maryland, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Our experience spans a diversity of operating environments with a range that includes some of the nation’s largest cities, including Baltimore and Washington, D.C., to rural or flag stop systems in Idaho and Maryland. Through these efforts we have assisted in the development of asset management inventories, recommended improvements designed to meet ADA guidelines, and established performance-based prioritization processes as well as implementation plans. 

Relevant Experience

  • Montgomery County, Maryland’s Bus Stop Improvement Program
  • Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Regional MTA/LOTS Transfer Points Study
  • Calvert – St. Mary’s Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Bus Stop Assessment and Plan
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) Metrobus Service Evaluation Study – Bus Stop Assessment and Optimization (Detailed analysis of six Metrobus lines)
  • Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Bus Stop and Connectivity Assessment
  • WMATA’s Guidelines for the Design and Placement of Transit Stops