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S T A T E W I D E   T R A N S I T   P L A N


Thank you for taking the time to complete the following survey.  Your input will be used to document unmet transportation needs and to develop strategies to expand local and regional mobility.

1. What transportation services beyond a personal car do people in your community use and depend on for mobility?

2. Are there transportation options available in your community specifically for populations with limited personal mobility, e.g. seniors, people with disabilities, people with lower income?

3. Are there any special populations, e.g. seniors, people with disabilities, people with lower income, in your community that need assistance meeting their mobility needs?

4. Are there places in the local community or in the region that people want to go, but there are limited or no available transportation services?

5. What transportation improvements would you like to see that would help people in your community have greater mobility options?

6. What outreach efforts are needed to ensure people in your community know what transportation services are available to them?

7. Are you familiar with the Michigan 2-1-1 system?  If so, have you used 2-1-1 to obtain information on transportation services?

8. What is your interest in transportation issues? (e.g. work with people with transportation needs)

9. What Prosperity Initiative Region do you have the most interest in related to transportation?

10. Are there any additional comments regarding the need for improved transportations services in your community or region that you would like to provide?