Pedestrian Infrastructure Inventory and ADA Accessibility

KFH Group has assisted various localities and transit agencies in assessing accessibility and ADA compliance of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. To date, we have assessed over 500 miles of pathways/sidewalks, over 5,000 intersections, and over 40,000 curb ramps. 

We have developed a unique methodology to evaluate walk paths, curb ramps, and intersections surrounding transit stops and stations as well as large-scale, city-wide efforts. For the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), we assessed walk paths for high-use ADA paratransit origins and destinations to help WMATA prioritize infrastructure improvements that would reduce the need for ADA paratransit. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, we performed an ADA assessment of every single element of pedestrian infrastructure in the city. Through these efforts and others we have provided technical assistance in asset management, developed detailed improvement proposals, and outlined specific implementation activities. 

Relevant Experience

  • Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s (Maryland) Regional MTA/LOTS Transfer Points Study
  • City of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s ADA Transition Public Right-of-Way (PROW) Update
  • City of Seattle, Washington’s ADA Self Evaluation Supplemental Survey
  • Arlington County, Virginia’s ADA Evaluation of Sidewalks, Cross Ramps, and Intersections in WMATA’s Orange Line Transit Corridor
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Accessible Pathways Analysis for MetroAccess Customers