Mission Statement

Intercity bus transportation in the contiguous United States has enjoyed a recent upsurge in popular recognition and support, coupled with steady and respectable ridership growth. Government agencies at all levels are recognizing the vital importance of bus service to a seamless and user-friendly intercity public transportation network linking major cities with each other and with small-town America. Riders increasingly enjoy clean, late model buses with on-board amenities such as wi-fi and movies along with comfortable, secure, often intermodal terminals. This growth, recognition and improvement, while encouraging, is uneven. Private expansion is mostly limited to an explosion of "express" services, in cutthroat competition with each other, in already crowded markets. Government supported expansion to and through deeply rural areas ranges from strong to non-existent depending on the desires of representative state and local governments.

The resultant intercity ground public transportation network has an over representation in a few large markets with an unacceptably long list of substantial communities in deep isolation from it elsewhere. Route and schedule information, while readily available is usually biased, and may not always be easy to find. Consequently, the individual planning a trip may erroneously assume that no service is available to their community, or they have to endure a time-consuming, circuitous, transfer laden journey around a direct carrier they are unaware of. These reasons, along with numerous missed intermodal opportunities nationwide, discourage additional potential ridership.

The goal of our organization and website is to promote use, continue fostering a positive perception, and encourage future expansion of the current intercity bus system in the contiguous United States of America. This website will therefore always be a source of free, current, unbiased information for the general public to find stations, link to carriers, and determine information on how they interconnect. We will promote expansion of routes and stops especially in severely isolated regions, and we will support acceleration of the trend toward corridor expansion and intermodalism in the United States.

The intercity bus system is a vital part of the American public transportation network. The current expansion and improvements must be encouraged, supported and increased.