About Us

KFH Group, Inc. is an experienced firm of transportation professionals dedicated to providing assistance to local, state, and federal organizations to improve public transportation services. We focus on transportation planning, management consulting, policy analysis, service evaluation and design, and operational support for transportation programs in communities of all sizes. 

Founded in 1995 with the primary goal of providing high-quality and response consulting assistance, the KFH Group built upon the extensive experience of the firm’s three Principals and now includes over 20 transportation professionals plus support staff.

Every project KFH Group undertakes is responsive to client agency issues and must combine detailed analytical study, reasoned thinking, and well documented alternatives and recommendations. And this must be tempered with the realities of the financial and political environment of the project.

Our expertise is multi-faceted and multi-modal, focusing broadly on public transportation though specialized in specific disciplines.

We work with transportation services of all types, from large urban bus systems in metropolitan regions to suburban transit programs grappling with lower density land use issues and abundant parking. We engage with paratransit programs serving the general public, older adults, and those with disabilities, as well as very small one or two-van human service transportation programs.

Our approach is guided by clearly defined objectives

A high degree of direct involvement by the firm's three Principals

A sincere commitment to the client and the client agency's objectives for the project

A desire to meet the specific needs of the organizations; we listen to and work with client agency staff

A recognition of the political and financial environment; we provide vision along with realistic solutions

A focus on implementable solutions that meet local needs

A coordinated project management style that provides continuity and support